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    I cannot reproduce the problem. Vouchers and Shop don't interact with each other and don't conflict with transfers. It might however be, that the browser cache prevents the display of either the voucher or shop icon in the user panel for a while. Both are added by JavaScript.

    That could be a permission problem. There are user group permissions for both normal and moderative transfers.

    The permissions didn't change, it was just something with the installing those, got it messed up or something, IDK, I copied the template for that, and it worked, I deleted it back and it still works :)

    So to the other question, is there anyway to allow moderative transfers only? Even if its something I have to edit for my own install? I need people to be able to moderative transfer, but I do not want them to regular transfer.

    Hey I had an issue and a question if I can bother you once more.

    1. Issue, I just got your shop and Vouchers, upon getting the shop, and installing it it added the shop icon, which cool no problem. However, once I installed the Vouchers, now I only see vouchers, Transfers have disappeared.

    The question goes in the same vein, and it is can I disable the regular transfers so that moderative transfers are allowed for those people, without normal transfers. Right now if they have mod transfers, and not regular transfers, it doesn't work.

    Edit: its worse than I thought, After installing vouchers, now transfers are just gone period. I tried disabling it, nope they still gone. I tried removing it, still gone, I tried doing the same with shop, Still gone.

    The button for transfers is just gone, completely. Which I very very much need for jcoins, that is the backbone of our use. I have now lost all my store setup and voucher setup :(, by uninstalling both, and transfers button is still not showing.

    EDIT EDIT: I copied the template drop down, and updated page and then deleted it, this seemed to fix. I will see if I can recreate the error just in case.

    Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with this plug in.

    So when I try to use it, it only lists 3 groups. and 1 of those 3 are the bottom rank on my site! the other 2 are top 2 ranks, and there is some ranks between them.

    What does this un moderated mean?

    Never mind I am just dumb lol. No one was in any ranks but those.

    WoltLab takes a lot of money for selling third party add-ons. But they can sell them to customers around the world. For some rather complicated tax regulations my shop is limited to German customers; it's a long story ;-)

    Short answer: unfortunately you can't.

    The simple box (without configuration) is limited to 5 users. It's a leftover (compatibility) from older versions. The boxes will change and some other stuff will be added in the next version.

    Cool thanks for all the help :).


    1 more question, You have joins branding free here for 20 but as an Add on, I just bought Jcoins from the WCF site, I just want branding free, is there anyway to buy just that here? You have it priced for 20 here, and 30 there. That is quite a jump lol, but I cant buy just branding free here for some reason?

    I get that they probably charge you a fee? But the question is, can you make it where I can buy branding free here, by itself, because right now I can just buy it as a combo which is 30 dollars and gives me the Jcoins I already have.

    1 More question,

    There is 2 Boxes Called "Richest Members" They are both locked to "Left Sidebar" and "Right Sidebar", I would like to turn one of them into After Content, so that on my global earning page, their is a leader board on the side. And then a Full listing of how many Jcoins everyone has.

    edit: the second box limits 1-50, does the first box not do that? There is no custom listing.

    Presently, it's simply for creating events and not for signing up. I'm working on it, but, as of today, I couldn't yet find a satisfactory solution.

    No, it doesn't and there are no points awarded in connection with UZ Absences.

    However, JCoins can be awarded on a daily basis for visiting the community (with login).

    Yes. The JCoins balance of users can be adjusted (pos. or neg.) by so-called moderative transfers.

    Additionally, you can reset JCoins of selected users using the ACP (bulk processing).

    Thanks for the Reply.

    I will give that a go then :).

    I am trying to use Jcoins as "DKP" For my gaming community, so I want Them to earn them for Site stuff, but also for showing up to events, and such.

    Hello, I had some questions about Jcoins before picking it up.

    1. The Calendar Extension Plugin, It seems from the examples that people are awarded jcoins for making events? No showing up to events (signing up) if I am wrong, and it is for signing up, Does the UZ Absences have the ability to remove points? And when are point awarded?

    2. Can Staff Adjust Jcoins?