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    Yes, of course, the sole purpose is to jump to the next thread with unread posts. No threads with unread posts, no jumping, no buttons ;-)

    Did you expect something different? Maybe because of a bad plugin description?

    Is there a thread with unread posts? If there aren't any, the buttons are hidden.

    If there are such threads, please check the browser console (F12) for any JavaScript errors.

    hanks, kind of ;-)

    There are two buttons:

    1. in the upper right hand corner, next to the Reply button. This one is visible all the time.

    2. in the lower right hand corner, next to the Go to Page Top button. It appears when scrolling down, like the Go to Page Top button.

    Are both missing?

    Well, plugins simply tell the WSC to add a user menu item during installation using the UserMenu.xml (PIP). The display of the menu then lies in the hands of WSC.

    Does it also happen if you change to the WoltLab style?

    Oh, interesting. Maybe, there is a WSC issue, if there are (too) many entries in the user menu. And you do have a lot of entries.

    Will check it.

    Strange. It does show on my systems:

    And actually, I can't do anything about it. The attachment plugin installs a user menu item, which is then displayed at the appropriate positions (Control center and sidebar) by WSC.

    Is there any error in the browser console or if you HTML-check the page with the menu?

    but not in the left sidebar box when you enter (for example) account management,

    The left sidebar shows a count of a user's attachments, linking to a page to display those attachments. This is, by purpose, different to the Control center menu / page.

    1. Replace parentMenuItem for Invitations ( by the desired and clear the cache.

    2. Change the language items and and clear the cache.

    Maybe, we are talking past each other. But you do need the link in the drop-down to access Invitations in the Control Center. It could be a problem to tell users to click on, e.g., Signature to open the Control center to access Invitations ;-)

    Or are you looking for an alternative access path?