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    That image is a Font Awesome icon (fa-money), which you may change by modifying the respective templates: __userPanelJCoinsDropdown.tpl and __mobileMenuJCoins.tpl.

    You could as well insert an image (24 and 32px) instead of an icon by replacing <span class="icon icon24 fa-money"></span> andspan class="icon icon32 fa-money"></span> with e.g. <img class="userAvatarImage" src="{$__wcf->getPath()}images/test.png" style="width: 32px; height: 32px"> (or 24px).

    image = your image directory and test.png = your image.

    I guess, you misinterpreted the statements. The statements have different titles. The post belongs to a thread test media 2 and the (other) thread is titled test discord.

    However, if you publish a new thread, JCoins are assigned for the thread (= container for posts) and for the first post of the thread.

    Did you configure tracking of users either by selecting it through a user's profile or by user bulk processing?

    is there anyway to allow moderative transfers only?

    Not really.

    You can permit normal transfers by setting the user group permissions "Can transfer JCoins" to no. However, for moderative transfers one requires the permission "Can transfer JCoins" and "Can transfer moderativ" (oops, bad english).

    It is possible to automatically make each transfer a moderative by modifying line 31 of the template jCoinsTransferOverlay.tpl.


    <label><input type="checkbox" name="moderative" id="moderativeInput" value="1"/> {lang}wcf.jcoins.transfer.moderative{/lang}</label>


    <label><input type="checkbox" name="moderative" id="moderativeInput" value="1" checked disabled/> {lang}wcf.jcoins.transfer.moderative{/lang}</label>

    I cannot reproduce the problem. Vouchers and Shop don't interact with each other and don't conflict with transfers. It might however be, that the browser cache prevents the display of either the voucher or shop icon in the user panel for a while. Both are added by JavaScript.

    The button for transfers is just gone, completely.

    That could be a permission problem. There are user group permissions for both normal and moderative transfers.

    That is quite a jump lol, but I cant buy just branding free here for some reason?

    WoltLab takes a lot of money for selling third party add-ons. But they can sell them to customers around the world. For some rather complicated tax regulations my shop is limited to German customers; it's a long story ;-)

    Short answer: unfortunately you can't.

    edit: the second box limits 1-50, does the first box not do that? There is no custom listing.

    The simple box (without configuration) is limited to 5 users. It's a leftover (compatibility) from older versions. The boxes will change and some other stuff will be added in the next version.

    The Calendar Extension Plugin, It seems from the examples that people are awarded jcoins for making events? No showing up to events (signing up) if I am wrong, and it is for signing up

    Presently, it's simply for creating events and not for signing up. I'm working on it, but, as of today, I couldn't yet find a satisfactory solution.

    Does the UZ Absences have the ability to remove points? And when are point awarded?

    No, it doesn't and there are no points awarded in connection with UZ Absences.

    However, JCoins can be awarded on a daily basis for visiting the community (with login).

    Can Staff Adjust Jcoins?

    Yes. The JCoins balance of users can be adjusted (pos. or neg.) by so-called moderative transfers.

    Additionally, you can reset JCoins of selected users using the ACP (bulk processing).

    I just checked in the new database and all 831 bookmarks are there.

    How fortunate ;-)

    Use the attached plugin to convert the old bookmarks into the new format. It will do the work during installation. Just uninstall it afterwards and do not re-install it. Each installation will create new bookmarks. If everything is ok, you can delete the old table wbb1_uzbookmark.

    Please, use it only if you did an update and not an import; it requires the user and post IDs to be identical (old / new system). And there must be reasonable PHP script limits, because it might take some time to execute it.

    Warnung: I could only do a rudimentary test run; too many data and lacking your users / posts. Better try it first in your test / backup installation...

    Well, it does what the description says. And voting in the box was never listed as a feature. "display selected polls on different pages of your community in a box, thus getting them back into member's memory." Not more, not less.

    And of course, the subject (= Poll Question) is displayed. However, I learned that with some dark styles it might be written on a white background. Until I find a reasonable solution for that, it's a simple template adjustment to color the subject and adjust it to the background.

    Technically, a poll must be linked to an (content) object, typically a post. No post, no poll, as simple as that. Voting requires a link to the object, Javascript and so on. Not really possible in a system box...