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    maybe that can be an option as well, but what I had in mind was having a box (that can be placed anywhere) where "featured" events appear once the event creator pays to feature it. hope it makes sense

    I think the combination of both would be awesome!


    Since I purchased the Community Bot Cloud plugin and I'm currently in the process of migrating to my own VPS, can I use this plugin without problems or should I purchase the main version?

    This line uses the language item wcf.jcoins.transfer.fee.description, which includes the PHP function abs() (= absolute value of a number). Obviously WoltLab does not allow this function in templates on their server. Until this issue is solved, you could either dispense transfer fees or modify the language item: change ...@$transferFee|abs}... to ...{@$transferFee}....

    I don't consider that as an error. But will change it in the next version.

    I cannot find the phrase ...@$transferFee|abs}... both in templates and phrases. I guess this is something that has to be done via cPanel? if so, I cannot do it myself on WoltLab Cloud

    Hello! I get the following error when trying to transfer JCoins:


    I activated the JCoins payment method and noticed that it’s not working with recurring payments, could this be implemented?

    When the paid subscription is up, it would auto-renew (maybe give an option “auto-renew on/off). If they don’t have enough JCoins the subscription would auto-deactivate after X days (maybe be able to set this too in the ACP)