Thread modification: Status add "open" option

  • Hi, since most of the suggestions are in german, i will keep it short(atleast try).

    When you whant to modify a thread you have the following options:

    • Change Status
    • Mark as done
    • Close
    • Disable
    • Delete (trash bin)

    It would be nice if there was a 'Open' option for a topic, this for the following scenario:

    A topic has been given a label and a close when the user marked the topic as 'Done', but i my case users can 'Undone' the topic and i'd like to have it also auto open again without the need of a moderator.

    This is really the best forum addon i'v seen in years...

  • Thanks.

    Well, I considered it, but finally scraped it for a simple reason: I can't find reasonable criteria to select the desired threads.
    Age of thread, number of posts in the thread, status of thread are not unique enough; neither in combination. Just take a look at Woltlab's bulk processing of threads in the ACP: there is IMO no way to achieve what you want.
    What I, however, could do, is to do it real time, meaning listen to thread updates and take the required action at that time. I'll give it a thought.

  • Is Thread "done" => keep close
    is thread "not done" => reopen if not open

    Yup, thats what the request is.

    A better example:
    The user creates a topic inside the buy & sell forum: He sells a apple Ipad and after a few days he sold the item, when marking the topic as "Done" it closes the topic and sets the label 'Sold"
    But the deal could not go one because there was a issue, so the topic creator marks the topic as 'Undone" and i want it to to automatically open again and set the new label, "For Sale".

    In the acp i do see an action labelt "open" in the bulk section:

    Its not an issue if its not possible without a big performance hit, because realtime watching hundreds of topics does not sound fast, lol.

  • The bot periodically modifies threads iaw some criteria; independent on what just happened to a thread or on when it happened. So it would open any "not done" thread. But a forum may have closed threads (e.g. for moderation purposes) which are not marked as done. So, what do you want to do with those threads? Well, you would need more criteria to tell the bot not to touch those threads. But these criteria do not exist.

    You want to open/close a thread as result of a specific thread-related action (mark as done/undone). This is not a job for a bot or the thread bulk proccessing. You need a plugin, which listens to thread actions to take the appropriate action.