Compulsory Topic Settings

  • Hello!

    I just recently purchased your Plugin: Compulsory Topic.

    I have gone through each step and made my settings for each section, however this plugin is not functioning as I need it to - see my following numbered points:

    ONE: My goal / intent for my new forum members is to make sure they read and accept the request that all members click on their Control Panel

    to make sure all their settings are as desired or what they want; this part is functioning correctly as my forum members are directed to the particular page in the "Administration Forums"

    I want them to view after clicking on "Accept".

    TWO: The settings for Accept or Deny appears to be functioning correctly.

    THREE: However, here is a problem I foresee -

    Currently on my forum, it is possible for a forum member to avoid selecting (clicking on) either Accept or Deny - all they have to do is move their cursor up to the forum's Menu Bar

    at the top of the page they are on, and click on one of the available forum apps - such as "Gallery".

    However, that is exactly what I DO NOT want them to be able to do! I want members to go to "Members Control Panel" post which is located under the heading

    "Administration's Messages"

    PLEASE NOTE: Everyone coming to my forum is directed to my DASHBOARD PAGE - which is my "landing page", and there are FIVE possible choices which appear in the TOP Menu Bar:

    Dashboard - Articles - Forum - FAQ - Donations. When members are logged in, this Top Menu Bar expands to additional choices.

    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

    It would appear that I do not have every setting correctly chosen. or, filled out correctly.

    If you need screenshots of all my settings for Compulsory Top, please ask and I will supply them.

  • Sorry, I don't fully understand the problem resp. your intention.

    As long as a topic is active and the user didn't click on either Accept or Deny, he can't not open any other page than Compulsory - unless you configured any page exceptions to it. After clicking on Accept or Deny, the user will be forwarded to the configured page and the plugin looses any influence on the user's actions. Your scenario in THREE should not be possible.

  • According to the Pages condition (last screenshot), the topic will be displayed only on the page .../app/. Users can leave that page without having to click on Accept or Deny by simply opening any other page. That is ok and works as intended. So, just delete the Pages condition.

    If you want the users be able to open some other pages while a topic is active, e.g. a legal notice, you should configure those pages in Configuration - Users - Compulsory Topic - Exceptions.

  • UdoZ

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