Please implement multiple trophies assinged in one purchase.

  • we thank you for updating the jcoins shop so that you can purchase a trophy.

    However, can i please request the following.

    *Gifting jcoins product

    Transfering jcoins, and gifting the product directly are not the same. I would like to please request a gifting option.

    For example, you press 'gift' on the product, and then you type the user you want to gift it to. That user then has to click 'confirm' or 'deny' once they confirm the transaction takes place and the user gifted gets the product. Or said user can cancel the gift before the other confirms.

    *being able to buy multiple trophies at once.

    On our forum we are selling trophies, and at times we sell sets at a reduced price. It would make our lives so amazingly simple if we could multi select trophies purchased and added per product.

    *last- a randomized trophy purchase option.

    When adding the product to the shop, you select trophy and another option 'randomized purchased' you select mannually all the badges you want considered. (Or catogories) So a user purhcases and gets one (or multiple) at random.

    Kind of like buying trading cards is what we are going for.

    All these would be great thank you so much!

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