Is there a manual?

  • Hi

    I purchased this plugin via Woltlab's site and see there are multiple options to configure in this plugin. Is there a manual or some form of help guide available to show users how to use this plugin and do so effectively using the plugin's full capabilities?

    I purchased the plugin to do some/or all of the following:…ostID=1619296#post1619296…-it-s-practically-alread/

    Many thanks!


  • There is no manual. Actually, one could write a book to cover all features and possibilities. Although the available Bots are quite generic, you can achieved a lot by combining Bots. However, there's an online help for each Bot action (Action Tab -> question mark), which tells you what a Bot does and what placeholders you can use for notifications.

    One example:

    Jupiter in WL forum wrote:

    6. Posting reminder - For existent members who have not posted in several weeks, I'd like a message to be displayed to them to give them a gentle reminder to try and post and be a full part of the community.

    You could solve that by using the

    • Bot "System - Circular" which sends a notification to specific users, if required regularly. Specific user = users are selected by conditions configured by you; e.g. no activity within the last 14 days, 0 posts, no likes or what so ever.
    • Bot "User - Inactivity" which does almost the same, but offers additional options to finally get rid of the user. E.g. you could sent them 2 reminders to be more active, then disable and finally delete them.

    Another well used feature is to automatically welcome new users and provide them with some information: Bot "User - New User".