Change Label - Issues

  • Hello,
    I set up a bot so that it would change the label based on a condition that it already had a label. However; when I enable the bot and make a test post, the bot log comes back with the following:

    " Forum - Thread - Modification none 0 Number of affected threads iaw condition: 0"

    I could be that I don't understand the bot configuration and have it set wrong.

    Basically I want it to do the following:

    -A user creates a new thread with a label "Report User".
    -The bot sees that label, then assigns an additional label "In Progress"

    So basically the bot would add an additional label so that there will be two labels on the thread - "Report User" and "In Progress"

  • The setup is correct. And testing the bot is successful here.

    Are you sure, that there are threads in the forum Appeal Ban... with the sole label Report User?
    Which version of the Forum Extension are you using?

    PS: I moved the thread to the correct forum; you are using the WSC version of the Community Bot.

  • I do have a second account I make test post inside of this forum.

    The only thing I can think of, I am using a plugin that allows my users who post in this forum to only see their own post. I also have it set so that admins/moderators can see the post as well.

    I have another bot set up - New Thread that does work inside of this forum when a new post is made it auto responds asap. The only bot that isn't working is this one and I"m not sure if it's a plugin conflict.

    Here are all the plugins I'm running

  • Hey @UdoZ,
    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Yes I'm almost 100% positive the thread meets the condition. I set up a test account to make post in that forum and for some reason it's not working. I'll do some more testing on a separate forum that isn't hidden and see what happens.