Personal invitation code

  • I like you plugin very much, but there's missing something.
    Is it possible make a personal registration code, so you just do not need to send out an invitation Email.

    Would you could look in the profile or the UZ Invitation "Add invitation" to see what their new invitation code is so you can give it out straight away,
    instead of sending an email. That kind of feature would help a lot so people do not have to wait for the Emails.

    I have a problem my email service is very slow so many people have to wait hours before they got an email with the registration code.

    I need this kind of feature. If you would develop it how much would it cost?

    • This is meant as that each User has a Personal invitation code.
    • The people do not have to send the email out.
    • That Each User will be shown as before in the statistics,
      how many do they have invited and who they have invited.

    Regards, Xard :D