5.3, 5.4 Quiz

This plugin expands community by largely configurable quizzes.

Test the knowledge of your members. Provide more pastime in your community. Motivate your members to more collaboration. Quiz may just do that for you.


This plugin adds to a large extent freely configurable quizzes to the community using the multiple-choice principle with one correct answer. Each question may have up to six answers and one comment.

To create a quiz in the ACP, a collection of questions is used, which are either entered in the ACP or which can be created by the members in the frontend. Of course, the questions can be used by different quizzes and can be categorized for a better overview. The questions may have up to 6 answers. Each question can be provided with an image to create image-based quizzes. Uploading pictures in the frontend is, however, available only after granting the appropriate user rights. Additionally a comment can be displayed after each answer when solving a quiz.

Questions submitted by members are reported, on demand, to the moderation panel, can be edited and be deleted in the ACP. If the question is used for a quiz, it can be activated in the ACP and with this be accepted by the administrator. This is communicated to the user, if configured by him, with a system-compliant notification. After approval the question can no longer be edited or deleted by the user.

For each quiz a time limit, a validity period and a possible restriction to specific user groups can be defined individually. Other configuration options include the number of allowable solutions for a quiz and a choice to display the correct solution and a comment after selection of an answer or not. Optionally users may rate quizzes (5 stars).

After solving a quiz the user is provided with various information about his result and the quiz in the form of callable dialogs. Quiz-relevant data can also be presented in up to 4 sidebars boxes resp. boxes. Solving a quiz will be recorded, if configured by a user, as an activity in the Dashboard and in the profile. Finally, users receive activity points for solving a quiz.

Optionally a Branding Free package can be purchased. Furthermore, extensions are available for integration with JCoins and Tracker.


The following configuration options are available in the ACP:

  • Setting of various user permissions,
  • Activation of the plugin and its reporting and activity functions (modules),
  • Setting of the sort order on the quiz page, settings for categories, best lists and rating,
  • various boxes.

Notes on Data Protection

  • This extension stores the username and user ID of the creator in the database (tables wcf1_quiz or wcf1_quiz_question) when creating a quiz in the ACP and when creating questions in the ACP or in the frontend. Deleting a quiz or question deletes the corresponding data.
  • After solving a quiz, the username and / or user ID of the user in question are stored in the database (tables wcf1_quiz_to_user, wcf1_quiz_result and wcf1_quiz_rating). These data are retained when a user is deleted, but are deleted when the quiz is deleted.
  • Uninstalling the extension will erase all stored data.


  • Quiz
    EUR 9.99


  • Branding Free
    EUR 9.99
  • JCoins Extension
  • Quiz - Tracker Extension

All given prices are final prices. According to the § 19 UStG (small business status) we do not charge the German sales tax and consequently do not account it. Sales are only made to customers with residence or habitual abode in Germany.

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  • Quiz 5.4.1

    - Maintenance update of basic package and additional packages. - Addition of a security question when ending a quiz. - Addition of events for extensions.
  • Tracker Extension 5.4.1

    Maintenance update
  • JCoins Extension 5.4.1

    Maintenance update
  • Quiz 5.4.0

    Version cleanup Compatibility with WSC 5.4
  • Tracker Extension 5.4.0

    Version cleanup Compatibility with WSC 5.4
  • JCoins Extension 5.4.0

    Version cleanup Compatibility with WSC 5.4
  • Branding Free Extension 5.4.0

    Version cleanup Compatibility with WSC 5.4
  • Quiz 5.3.2

    - Fixes a problem with pagination on the quiz page. - Adds a filter for unsolved and solved quizzes on the quiz page. It must be activated under Configuration - Quiz.
  • Quiz 5.3.1

    Maintenance update
  • Quiz 5.3.0

    Compatibility with WSC 5.3