Contact Sender Copy


After submitting the contact form, users will no longer have access to the data entered. If necessary, they would have to manually copy and back up these data in one form or another.


Contact Sender Copy for WoltLab Suite extends the contact form with the function to send an email to users of the contact form, which summarizes the entered data. The email is generated directly when the form is sent and is transmitted to the user. For this, the email address configured in the e-mail configuration of the system is used.

The email copy can be deactivated under Module - System. Users can choose to receive an email or not.

WoltLab Suite 5.2 ff are not supported. The Sender Copy was integrated into the plugin Contact Log.


  • Versions 3.1.x are for WoltLab Suite 3.1

Notes on data protection

This extension does not store any data relevant for the purposes of data protection.

Published Versions

  • Contact Sender Copy 3.1.0 (Apr 10th 2019) - Download
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