JCoins Vouchers

If you are using the credit system JCoins in your community you probably know, that it isn't possible to distribute free JCoins among your members, e.g. on special occasions like community anniversaries. You can easily change this by using JCoins Vouchers.


With this plugin for JCoins you can create vouchers for your members in the ACP and inform the members on the availability of vouchers using the notification features of the Framework. Besides the amount of JCoins you can specify which users can redeem the vouchers and how long or how often the vouchers can be redeemed. Vouchers with limited number of redemptions may be raffled under the configured users, if you wish. Additionally, vouchers can be automatically given to users on their birthday and/or membership anniversary.

The WoltLab Suite version also allows you to automatically create vouchers when members register to your community, to periodically distribute vouchers and to create vouchers that require a code to redeem.

If enabled under Notification Settings, members are informed about new vouchers via a system notification or email (not for code voucher). All actions related to vouchers are logged and can be viewed in the ACP at any time.


The configuration of the vouchers is done in ACP under User - JCoins Vouchers. Basic settings are configured under System - Options - Users - JCoins and Configuration - Users - JCoins.

After configuration, the dispatch of vouchers is done automatically via a cronjob. Already sent vouchers can be changed retrospectively, but only limited. When deleting vouchers, redeemed vouchers are excluded. Members retain the JCoins obtained with the voucher.

Notes on Data Protection

  • This extension stores the user name and user ID of the creator in the database (table wcf1_jcoins_voucher) when creating a voucher in the ACP. When distributing the voucher, user names and user IDs of recipients are stored in the database (table wcf1_jcoins_voucher_to_user). Deleting a voucher and / or a user deletes the corresponding data.
  • For voucher actions (redeeming) in the frontend, the user name and the user ID of the affected user are stored in the database (table wcf1_jcoins_voucher_log). When deleting the user, only the user ID is deleted and the user name remains in the database.
  • Uninstalling the extension will erase all stored data.

Published Versions

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