5.3, 5.4 JCoins Shop

This plugin for WoltLab Suite and JCoins allows you to offer products in a shop for purchase. Payment in the shop is exclusively with JCoins.

You are using JCoins in your community and your members are strongly collecting JCoins? Then you have already asked yourself what your members should actually do with the many JCoins? The JCoins Shop plugin provides the answer to these questions: simply offer products that your members can buy with it.


This plugin for WoltLab Suite and JCoins allows you to offer products in a shop for purchase. Payment in the shop is exclusively with JCoins. For this, a total of 4 product types are available, which can be adapted to your needs:

  • File
    You can upload any file in the ACP and offer it for purchase. Buyers of the file can then download these files via the shop.
  • Manual product
    This is a product that can not be automatically provided or processed after purchase. A responsible user must be configured who will be notified after the purchase and will need to take action to hand over the product to the buyer.
  • Membership
    This product corresponds to a Paid Membership of the WoltLab Suite. In comparison, however, it offers additional options and is visually appealing. Among other things, the buyer can be informed before expiration of the membership and extend the membership by a renewed purchase. An assignment to the admin / owner group is not possible.
  • Text Product
    This way, it is possible to sell texts in general, which buyers receive after purchase by conversation. This product can be used for e.g. passwords, license keys or the like. You can define several texts and also specify how often a single text can be sold.

Users are automatically notified when a product is purchased by converations. In addition, buyers have an overview of the products purchased in their own control center. As an administrator, you have access to lists in the ACP that provide information about the products, their sales and related memberships.

JCoins Shop offers, as usual in the WoltLab suite, a statistics function, notes on product purchases (Recent Activities) and the number of purchases of a user as a condition for user search, group assignment, ads and notices. In addition, top-selling and new products can be displayed in a sidebar box.


The general configuration in the ACP is restricted to the determination of user group permissions for use and visibility of the shop and some options for the representation of the shop as well as the configuration of terms of use, which must be confirmed before purchase, if required.

The products are also created in the ACP. Various limits may be defined to limit sales to specific user groups or to offer a product for a limited period of time and / or in a limited number. You also have the option to mark a product for a limited time as an offer.


This is a simple virtual shop, which can not fulfill all legal requirements for an online shop. No invoices can be created and buyers can not withdraw from purchases.

Notes on Data Protection

  • When buying a shop product, this extension stores the user name and user ID of the buyer in the database (tables wcf1_jcoins_shop_item_buyer, wcf1_jcoins_shop_transaction and wcf1_jcoins_shop_membership). Deleting a user and / or product deletes that data.
  • Uninstalling the extension will erase all stored data.


  • JCoins Shop
    EUR 7.99

All given prices are final prices. According to the § 19 UStG (small business status) we do not charge the German sales tax and consequently do not account it. Sales are only made to customers with residence or habitual abode in Germany.

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  • JCoins Shop 5.4.2

    - Maintenance update. - Adds an option in the ACP for sorting the products in the frontend.
  • JCoins Shop 5.4.1

    Adds a group permission "Can see JCoins Shop" so that, if necessary, guests and users who are not allowed to buy from the shop can see the shop with unrestricted products.
  • JCoins Shop 5.4.0

    Version cleanup Compatibility with WSC 5.4
  • JCoins Shop 5.3.1

    - Update for WSC versions 3.1 to 5.3. - Addition of trophies as a product. - Improvement of category displays. - Correction of the display of memberships in the Control Panel.
  • JCoins Shop 5.3.0

    Compatibility with WSC 5.3