WoltLab Suite allows you to subscribe to content such as topics or blogs. However, such a subscription quickly reaches limits if you want to memorize a specific post or a certain blog entry and want to call it again. By on-board means you would have to call, for example, a thread and manually search for this post within the thread. This is very tedious for large threads.


With Bookmarks, however, bookmarks, as they are known by web browsers, can be set und can be used to call up these content directly at any time. The following content is supported:

  • Articles
  • User profiles
  • External links (created manually)

With free optional packages included in the basic package, bookmarks can be created for content from popular WSC applications:

  • WoltLab Blog entries
  • WoltLab Calendar events
  • Display Window entries
  • Filebase files (WoltLab or VieCode)
  • WoltLab Forum posts
  • WoltLab Gallery images
  • VieCode Lexicon entries
  • VieCode Marketplace entries (from version 5.2.2)
  • News System entries
  • Point of Interest entries
  • EasyMedia image and video entries (from version 5.2.1)


To set a bookmark, a dialog is opened via a button in the content area, which is used to configure the bookmark. In particular, you can enter a remark and set the visibility for other users. Bookmarks are categorized automatically when they are set and, of course, they can be edited and deleted after creation.

Users can make their bookmarks accessible to other users in the user profile or hide them from other users by appropriate classification. Bookmarks can be either private = invisible to other users, public = visible to all other users, or visible only to followers.

In addition, users can actively share their bookmarks with other users. Sharing and responding to it are indicated by system notifications when configured accordingly and are, if necessary, also listed as recent activities (share only) in the Dashboard.

Bookmarks can be edited in the frontend by moderators. An overview of all shared bookmarks is available in the ACP. And in addition, statistics features provide an overview of how Bookmarks is used by the members of your community.

With version 5.2.1 a separate page "Bookmarks" was added, in which all bookmarks of a user are displayed. This page offers filtering and editing functions for your own bookmarks.


The configuration in the ACP is limited to the display of bookmark information and the definition of user group permissions for bookmarks. The bookmark functions can be switched on and off via module.

As of version 5.2.1, the sharing of bookmarks and the user menu for bookmarks can optionally be deactivated.

Notes on Data Protection

  • This extension stores the user name and user ID of the creator in the database (table wcf1_bookmark) when creating a bookmark in the frontend. When you share a bookmark in the frontend, the user names and user IDs of the recipients of the bookmark are also stored in the database (table wcf1_bookmark_share). Deleting a bookmark will erase that data.
  • If a user who has shared a bookmark is deleted, its user name remains in the database (table wcf1_bookmark_share).
  • Uninstalling the extension will erase all stored data.

Published Versions

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