5.2, 5.3, 5.4

Whether vacation, business trip or just time out, your members can not be online every day and might sometimes be not able to visit the community for a longer period of time. With Absences, your members can configure absences, including future ones, to inform other members.


This plugin provides the following essential features:

  • individual input of the absence in the control panel with optional reason, if necessary also to the minute,
  • configurable display of absences in different places in the community,
  • extensive system integration by incorporating the absences in the conditions for e.g. user search, group assignment, bulk processing of absences, activity notices and statistics,
  • own page and box for the listing of absent members,
  • automatic, which sets users to absent when being non-active for a configurable period of time,
  • manipulation of absences by the admin in the ACP,
  • designation of a representation during absence (from version 5.4.1).


Absences can be extended with the following optional packages:

  • Conversation extension
    Supports an automatic response when users receive a conversation while they are away. Users can choose whether to create this automatic answer or not.
  • Calendar extension
    Enables the automatic entry of absences in the WoltLab Calendar. Only the last configured absence of a user is shown. In the ACP, you must first configure the category under which absences are entered in the calendar and specify whether users can prevent the entry or not.
  • Tracker extension
    Integrates Absences in the Tracker. An absent / non-absent user condition is added and the use of the absence settings in the control center is monitored.
  • Community Bot extension
    Adds a user condition Absent / Non-Absent.


The configuration includes

  • setting the modules for the plugin and the activity message,
  • setting the visibility, the automatic and the calendar integration in a separate tab,
  • activation of the representation function via an option,
  • the definition of user group permissions.

Notes on Data Protection

  • This extension supplements the user data table of the database (table wcf1_user) with the absence data entered by the user.
  • This absence data can be read, changed and deleted via the user administration in the ACP. Deleting the user deletes the data.
  • When uninstalling the extension, all stored data is deleted.

Published Versions

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