5.3, 5.4 Absences

This plugin allows users to specify absences from the community and display them to other users.

Whether vacation, business trip or just time out, your members can not be online every day and might sometimes be not able to visit the community for a longer period of time. With Absences, your members can configure absences, including future ones, to inform other members.


This plugin provides the following essential features:

  • individual input of the absence in the control panel with optional reason, if necessary also to the minute,
  • configurable display of absences in different places in the community,
  • extensive system integration by incorporating the absences in the conditions for e.g. user search, group assignment, bulk processing of absences, activity notices and statistics,
  • own page and box for the listing of absent members,
  • automatic, which sets users to absent when being non-active for a configurable period of time,
  • manipulation of absences by the admin in the ACP,
  • designation of a representation during absence (from version 5.4.1).


Absences can be extended with the following optional packages:

  • Conversation extension
    Supports an automatic response when users receive a conversation while they are away. Users can choose whether to create this automatic answer or not.
  • Calendar extension
    Enables the automatic entry of absences in the WoltLab Calendar. Only the last configured absence of a user is shown. In the ACP, you must first configure the category under which absences are entered in the calendar and specify whether users can prevent the entry or not.
  • Tracker extension
    Integrates Absences in the Tracker. An absent / non-absent user condition is added and the use of the absence settings in the control center is monitored.
  • Community Bot extension
    Adds a user condition Absent / Non-Absent.


The configuration includes

  • setting the modules for the plugin and the activity message,
  • setting the visibility, the automatic and the calendar integration in a separate tab,
  • activation of the representation function via an option,
  • the definition of user group permissions.

Notes on Data Protection

  • This extension supplements the user data table of the database (table wcf1_user) with the absence data entered by the user.
  • This absence data can be read, changed and deleted via the user administration in the ACP. Deleting the user deletes the data.
  • When uninstalling the extension, all stored data is deleted.


  • Absences
    EUR 5.49


  • Community Bot Extension
  • Import Extension
  • Calendar Extension
  • Conversation Extension
  • Tracker Extension

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  • Absences 5.4.1

    General improvements, bug fixes as well as version clean-up. Addition of representation for absent users. This function must first be activated; see description.
  • Conversation Extension 5.4.1

    Addition of representation for absent users.
  • Calendar Extension 5.4.1

    Addition of representation for absent users.
  • Absences 5.4.0 pl 1

    Replacement of a constant removed in WSC 5.4 (SID_INPUT_TAG)
  • Absences 5.4.0

    Compatibility with WSC 5.4
  • Tracker Extension 5.4.0

    Compatibility with WSC 5.4
  • Conversation Extension 5.4.0

    Kompatiilität mit WSC 5.4 Compatibility with WSC 5.4
  • Calendar Extension 5.4.0

    Compatibility with WSC 5.4
  • Community Bot Extension 5.4.0

    Compatibility with WSC 5.4
  • Absences 5.3.2

    - Maintenance update - Fixes a bug with Last Activity (Visibility)