Image Contest

2.1 / 3.x / 5.2

This plugin adds image contests to WoltLab Galler. Users can submit images to contests by themselves and can, guests included, vote for images. When voting, either points (1 to 10) can be awarded for one image or one vote can be given per image.


Contests are configured in the ACP. For each contest a special category and an album are automatically created, in which the images are stored. The album owners can be selected freely. However, it is recommended to use a user, who is created exclusively for contests.
Please note, that access to albums and categories for contests is highly restricted. They are normally not visible and can only be opened by the album owner directly.

By separate selection of users, who are allowed to submit images, and the users or guests, who can vote, contests can be tailored to certain user groups. The periods for the submission of images, the voting on images and the presentation of the results can, to a large extent, be freely defined. If necessary, they can even be changed later. To view the contests and for voting on images users must be granted the permission "Can view images"; for the submission of images the permission "Can upload images" is required. The Notice system is used to signal new contests to users. Submitting images and voting on images is displayed in Recent Activities.

Only images that have already been uploaded by the user and which are unlocked may be submitted to contests. When submitting an image, a copy of that image is created and assigned to the album owner. Users will be informed about this copy when submitting images. These copies are not deleted until the contest is deleted via the ACP.


Optional and free extensions for WoltLab Forum and Calendar allow you to automatically create threads and Calendar events for the contests.


Contests are created and edited in the ACP.
In addition to the modules for the contest itself and for the activity events, the following settings are available:

  • minimum number of votes/ratings for an image to be evaluated for contest placings,
  • parameters for the display of contests on pages and in the box as well as the placing of an image,
  • forums and categories for threads and calendar events (optional).

Before uninstalling the plugin, all contests should be deleted through the ACP. Only then image copies, contest albums and categories as well as notices, threads and Calendar events will be deleted.


  • Versions 1.0.x are for WoltLab Community Framework 2.1
  • Versions 3.0.x are for WoltLab Suite 3.0
  • Versions 5.2.x are for WoltLab Suite 3.1 and 5.2

The WCF version has differences in functionality and operation.

Notes on Data Protection

  • When voting in the frontend, this extension saves the user name and the user ID of the voter or the session ID, if the voter is a guest, in the database (table gallery1_contest_vote). If the storage of IP addresses is activated via the system configuration, the IP address of the voter is also saved. Deleting the contest will delete that data. When the user is deleted, the user name and, if configured, the IP address remain in the database.
    Existing IP addresses can be deleted with the database query UPDATE gallery1_contest_vote SET ipAddress = '';.
  • Uninstalling the extension will erase all stored data.

Published Versions

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