Featured Polls

5.2, 5.3, 5.4

Polls are a popular and proven means to get feedback from community members and to involve members in decision-making processes. In WoltLab Suite and applications based on it, however, members quickly lose sight of polls, because they hide in posts or blog entries and can not be kept constantly visible to all eligible members with home remedies.


This plugin allows you to display selected polls on different pages of your community in a sidebar box, thus getting them back into member's memory. Those featured polls are shown only to users who are allowed to participate. All other will not see the sidebar box. And of course, past surveys are automatically hidden.

If several surveys are to be featured in this fashion, the administrator can specify, with what rate and in what order the various polls are displayed. If necessary, newly created polls can be automatically added to the list of featured polls, so that the configuration effort is significantly reduced.


The basic configuration of the plugin is done in the ACP under Content - Featured Polls. In addition, the pages, on which the box is to be displayed, must be configured. The plugin can be deactivated in toto in System - Options - Module. User permission govern who may see the list of other polls in addition to the featured poll.


  • Versions 5.3.x are for WoltLab Suite 3.0 to 5.3

Notes on Data Protection

This extension does not store any data relevant to data protection.

Published Versions

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